Spencerport  Chiropractic

 I became a massage therapist as a result of my own health journey. When I was in my early 30s I developed chronic pain. Western medicine couldn't find the problem and wanted to put me on pain meds and anti depressants. This wasn't a path I wanted to take and I gave massage a try. What a difference it made! I knew I wasn't the only person struggling and I wanted to help others. So I became an LMT. I am also a reiki master and I really enjoy the different experiences that brings as well. My focus is on the therapeutic side of massage. But I absolutely understand the benefit of just relaxing.

Massage Therapy with Andrea!


1/2 hour - $60

1 Hour - $90

1 1/2 Hour - $140

2 hour - $170

20 minute sauna plus 1 hour massage - $120

20 minute sauna plus 1 1/2 hour massage - $170